Welcome, JOI & CEI addicts! This is the place to be if you're big into jerk off instructions and various other dirty talk videos. Our website was created by fans and for fans. We know that we appreciate fine-quality JOI instructions videos, we know that you wouldn't want to settle for anything less than perfect because, let's face it, JOI and CEI are awful when they're average and they are straight-up better than anything else ever recorded if they are good. With this assortment of jerk off instructions videos, you wouldn’t have to worry about stumbling upon uninspired and unexciting videos.

We have a great selection of vids catering to essentially every single taste within this specific niche. Let's talk you through it, alright? The first category that we want to bring up is CEI/Cum Eating Instructions. The videos feature fabulous women that love their partners to be a bit, uh, more open to kinky stuff. Basically, they dirty-talk you into eating your own jizz. This can be accompanied by humiliation, i.e. telling you how fucking gay that is (as if you don't already know!) or encouragement, i.e. telling you how fucking hot that is. Whichever you choose, you will end up loving it. No doubt about it. It's a matter of preference, really.

The next category that we have on our website is Dirty Talk. This selection is filled to the brim with dirty-talking women, what else. The pretty babes say some of the filthiest stuff you can possibly imagine and that's hot. You'd have to excuse us for such a simplistic description, but that's what this is all about anyway. These vids differ from any other jerk off instructions videos because there are no limitations. There is no end goal (making you eat your own spunk, for example), so there are countless opportunities for some real creativity.

Feet JOI instructions category is brimming with videos in which chicks tease you with their feet. That's basically what happens when you combine jerk off instructions with foot fetish. The end result is amazing. Seriously, any jerk off instruction video within this category is a masterwork. Every girl there has amazing feet, granted. We know that some prefer mature babes, so we have plenty of MILFs featured on there.

There are three more categories to go through on our jerk off instruction video tube. There's this category that focuses on the femdom side of things and it's called Humiliation/Femdom. The babes featured in those jerk off lesson videos, they pull no punches, they're telling you how it is. They are extremely domineering, and they sure know how to turn a guy into a drooling stroking mess of a sub-human garbage.

The penultimate category is called Jerk Off Instruction and, of course, it's filled with jerk off lesson videos featuring teens, MILFs, Asians, you name it. We feel like you can figure it out on your own, really. This category needs no explanation from us. The last but not the least is a fascinating category called Mesmerize. For this one, you will have to suspend your disbelief a bit because some girls utilize pseudo-science (i.e. hypnosis) and some flat-out resort to magic shit and spells that make you 100% obedient and helpless.

Now that does it for the "brief" rundown. You can find out more information in regards to any specific category by clicking on the corresponding link. Good luck and have fun here, we know you're going to love this premium-quality collection of amazing fringe p0rn0graphy or else we will have to hypnotize you into loving it.